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obama and mitt romney faced off at lynn university. the candidates were forced to answer tough questions on foreign policy. >> reporter: this debate lasted 90 minutes and covered a wide variety of topics related to foreign policy. mitt romney and president obama sat side by side and that format didn't stop them from attacking each other. >> attack me is not an agenda. >> the world needs a strong america and it is stronger than when i came in office. >> reporter: in the third and final debate the focus was foreign pole say opportunitymitt romney to go over the president's record. >> what has happened is as we watch the rising tide in the middle east of chaos occur, you see al-qaeda rushing in. >> reporter: in a chance for the president to hit romney on the foreign policy credentials. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but, every time you offered an opinion, you have been wrong. >> reporter: the 90 minute showdown featured heated exchanges like this over the attack on the outs cons will -- consulate in libya. >> we are seeing a pretty dramatic reve
this for safety reasons. we'll be right back. >>> president obama and mitt romney set to go head to head tonight. >> expected to focus on foreign policy. >> reporter: the third and final presidential debate is highly anticipated and should be full of fire works and the last opportunity for mitt romney and president obama to address millions millions of undecided voters watching at home. it's happening at lynn university where they will face off on foreign policy. some topics are the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, red line when it comes to eye rap, relations with china and troops overseas. both sides are trying to criticize the other on the issues. >> there is a big difference, i'm concerned about governor romney becoming commander in chief. country by country, see sort of the fraying at the edges of the obama policy. >> reporter: there is a lot on the line for both candidates following a month of up and down debate performances. for the president he will have to show up to play like last time. a poll shows 51% of debate watchers thought the president did a better job in the second debat
: there is no shortage of heated exchanges between the president and mitt romney. and now the president is drawing fire from the romney campaign for a comment he made following an interview with rolling stone magazine. the editor passed along a message to the president. she said can you do it referring to his reelection bid. the president's response was this. you know kids have good instincts they look at the other guy and say that a bull something. the other guy he is talking about is romney. the pain put out a statement saying the president is rattled and on the defensive. he is running on empty and nothing left but attacks and insults. and it is unfortunate he has to close the campaign this way. and they tried to explain what the president meant. >> he was referring to a practice of sliding around and trying to change positions. >> reporter: the historian who interviewed him for the article said today that this shows in the election cycle the candidates don't seem to have a relationship of mutual respect. >>> another big story we'll update you on is the storm that we're looking at, that's sandy. we
area. >>> president oand mitt romney are sprinting to the finish line in the race for the white house. what voters will see in the final days leading up to the election. plus... >> reporter: big bird and bayonets. look at the unexpected phrases that are now a part of the campaign season. >> well, everything is up to speed on interstate 70 at columbia pike. i will let you know how it's shaping up on 695 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> you are looking live in downtown baltimore. beautiful way to start day. stay with us for much more coming up. >>> 4:42 and headlines around the nation. she was 8 months pregnant withplans to get married but investigators are trying to figure out who killed vindalee smith. they found a strange note that read i will kit one pregnant woman a month starting now until lee boyd malvo is set free and it was signed the apprentice with a smiley face. the 38-year-old was found dead in her new york apartment last saturday. her unborn son didn't survive. police questioned her fiancee but they haven't been identified yet as a suspect. >>> two brothers ar
there are eight toss- up states. if president obama wins virginia, wisconsin and colorado and mitt romney ones the rest of the toss-up states, both would be tied with 269 electoral votes. the last time that happened and there wa
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5